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Paige McCullers is The Black Widow


Joseph Dougherty, one of the Pretty Little Liars writers was live tweeting along with "Noone Here Can Love Or Understand Me" (5x11) and mentioned Paige’s dress 3 times which I found a little strange so I looked into it!




Could Paige be the Black Widow?!

There body shapes are…

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August 22nd, 2014
Mrs. D Is Protecting CECE DRAKE.




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March 20th, 2014
 emisonislove asked:

Plot Twist: Mrs D get buried Alive, soon Ella, Veronica, Pam and Ashley all get a texts and threats from -A "like mother, like daughter -A"

I answered:


OMG imagine if that does happen x

Ezra started out writing his book and we haven’t really said it out loud, but he hasn’t had a chance to really explain to Aria. We always thought in our minds as writers that when he fell in love with her he stopped writing the book and when they broke up, he went back to it and that’s probably when he found out “A” is still around and really more than writing the book, became kind of obsessed with finding “A” to protect Aria and the girls. Marlene King (via fitzandmontgomery)

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March 20th, 2014


On whether Ezra or Mrs. D can be confirmed to be dead

"I think we like to let that play out. ‘For sure dead’ is never really — when I have to call people and tell them their character is going to die, I always say Alison’s been dead since the pilot and she’s a series regular, so you just…
March 20th, 2014
First Round of Spoilers for 5A


All of these are not exactly Spoby related. We’re posting anything that could relate to them as individuals or as a couple. Everything is from the EW article.

Was the Spencer memory we got a few episodes back where she remembered hitting someone with the shovel – was that a false memory induced by drugs?
Yes, she was projecting what her greatest fears were. And she came close, she really came close. You saw the scene last night. Ali sort of confirmed half of what Spencer had thought in her mind. They had a confrontation, she had the shovel, but she didn’t hit her. But she did walk away with that shovel last night. I watched that scene with Troian, she was like, “Damn you made me drag that shovel.” I’m like, “It’s for a reason!”

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March 19th, 2014
I can’t, because it’s a really big part of the first episode. He’s back in the premiere, he’s sort of a surprise guest and it’s really exciting. It would be a spoiler if I gave you that. [Laughs] It definitely is a big part of Hanna’s story. Marlene on the return of Lucas (via fuckyeslittleliars)

Either she just needs to spill her guts or stop giving interviews. Shes starting to piss me off with her cryptic B.S. lol sorry aboit the random rant

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March 19th, 2014
Should we think that maybe Melissa killed the girl who’s in the grave or just that she knows more than she’s been telling?
She definitely knows a very big secret and that plays a huge factor in the next 12 episodes. Marlene King (via fuckyeslittleliars)
March 19th, 2014


me while watching PLL spring finale:


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March 19th, 2014
Alison & Noel


Here are the facts.

This in’t be the first time Alison and Noel worked together. If you remember in season 1’s Halloween episode, Noel was suppose to be the one to “fake” attack Ali to scare the girls. Turns out it was Lucas. Noel couldn’t get away from the party.

I think Alison is the one…

March 14th, 2014

Pretty Little Liars, 4x22 Cover For me. 
Just pause the scene where Spencer was running after Ali, and, guess what? It’s clearly to me that it’s Cece!
Am I crazy? 

Looks more like that Sara girl that went missing around the Same time Ali did… Right